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LICENSE Agreement Vir.IT eXplorer PRO for 1 computer

The purchase of the License agreement mono-user previews the following material  shipment:

  • the suite Vir.IT eXplorer Professional that to allow  to identification and removal of computer malware (virus, spyware, dialer, etc.), the shields in real-time Vir.IT Security Monitor,  the protection of the e-mail Vir.IT Scan Mail, alert malware of new generation Vir.IT Intrusion Detection integrated into Vir.IT Security Monitor. The software of the suite Vir.IT eXplorer Professional is usable on following S.O.:  Windows 95/98/ME -  Windows NT/ 2000/XP e Windows Server 2003;

  • updates automatically to protect against new threats;

  • the licence agreement for use of softwares on to more a one computer;

  • 1 year subscription.


Moreover the software is equipped from the following services:

  • Shipment of the update of the software via Internet (Live UpDate) and news at email that the customer has communicated to us for 12 months from the purchase date;

  • support to average email for use of the softwares and eventual disinfections of malware.

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For 1 computer & 1 year of subscription

Vir.IT eXplorer PRO One User Licence for payment is necessary credit Card or   Euro 24,90

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